It is no accident that I have started this blog at the beginning of a New Year.

I used to love blogging and cooking, but somewhere along the line life got busy, my posts stopped, and my cooking became boring and predictable. In a terribly cliché, but very necessary move, I have vowed that my new years resolution is to:

‘Get back to doing the things that I enjoy, and actually write about them.’

I maintained my love of crafting throughout this period, but got lazy with documenting my progress, so many of my first posts will be catching up on getting my ideas and projects posted.

My favourite crafty creation from 2016 – Crochet Rose Headband

In another very cliché move I have decided to get back into shape and eat healthily this year (GROAN). I started a new job in November, and having a rather stressful time of it job-hunting before that, my diet became very lazy, and subsequently not entirely healthy (Must Not Eat Takeaway). I’m not going on a crazy health kick where all I eat is Kale and Quinoa (I have to this day, never sampled what I still mentally refer to as Quinn-oh-ahhh), but I need to jump start my eating habits to be healthier and look after myself.

Fortunately the Spouse is also in need of some TLC diet-wise, and we’re doing this ‘healthy eating’ together. He is a fan of all things spicy and smokey BBQ, so many of the recipes I’ll post will be of that ilk, or contain vast amounts of spice (also, he got a spice kit and an array of Mexican sauces for Christmas from my Mum, so we need to use them!).

Some of my previous culinary explorations

So onward with my (mostly) healthy eating, and upwards with my crafting. Happy New Year, from my Kitchen to yours.

Emma x