Serves Max 4 people

I’ve been reading up on a lot of One Pot Recipes recently. I LOVE cooking (obviously), but sometimes on a week night I just to want to whack something in the oven and sit down, rather than faff over the hob. One pots are the answer! I’ve had a play with a few combinations and this is a really light and fresh meal, perfect for a Monday night and getting your week off to a good start, whilst slouching on the sofa.

I combined two citrus fruits with mini chicken fillets coated in herbs to make a dish that is packed with flavour.



To produce this pot you need:

Herby rub:

1tsp Thyme

1tsp Majoram

1tsp black pepper

Pinch salt (to taste)


Pot ingredients:

1 pack mini chicken fillets (400g), or 2 chicken breasts, sliced.

500ml chicken stock

Up to 125ml white wine

200g rice

1 Red onions

1 lemon, thinly sliced

2 clementines, peeled and separated into segments

2 cloves garlic, chopped


To rustle up this rice pot you have to:

1. Combine majoram, thyme, pepper and salt in a bowl to make the herby rub.

2. Chuck in onion, garlic, chicken fillets and clementine segments and coat in herb mix.

3. Pour rice into a dish, add stock and wine, and top with lemon slices.

4. Place the herby chicken, onion, garlic and clementine mix on top of the rice, and cover the dish in foil.

5. Bake in the oven for 50 mins, then serve.

Happy slouching!