We all have days when we feel pretty ‘meh’. We can’t be arsed, we have no energy and just want to curl up and watch shite TV (for me its X-files, Mulder and Scully have restorative properties, don’t judge).


It was on one of these days that I turned to Pinterest in the hopes of mustering some inspiration and energy to do SOMETHING. Perhaps I could craft my way out of this slump. Eventually, when I was at my wits end, I searched ‘meh embroidery’, and discovered Subversive Cross Stitch.


Founded by Julie Jackson in 2003 it has led to a book of 50 cross stitch patterns, and an outlet for many crafters to vent frustrations in a creative way…and just fucking swear (sorry Mum).



Suddenly, there was a perfect way to express my ‘meh-ness’. It also cheered me up, because of course, crafters can be hilarious as well as artistic.

You just need to look at the hashtag #subversivecrossstich on Instagram to see it has taken off in a big way, with 9,115 posts to date.


My first attempt was very basic, but I think it brought a wonderfully apathetic twinkle to my Christmas tree.



From here I moved on to a snarky Mean Girls reference, a rather successful Christmas present for a sarcastic and wonderful friend.



I even had a commission request from my Dad, to celebrate his running mantra (inspired by Steve Way, Distance runner, http://www.steveway.co.uk/?p=1335)




And in fact when I was in this particular slump I came across a very random episode of X-files (Syzygy) where Scully is in a crappy mood similar to my inner grump, and made me love her even more.


(Thank you https://scifiladynerds.net/ for your GIF, from your post also fangirling Scully).

My latest WIP embroidery piece is inspired by writing this post. I’m in another pissy mood and my subversive embroidery has already cheered me up no end. This is dedicated to Dana Scully. To be adorned with UFOs and aliens ASAP!

I’ll be uploading my progress on the Stitch and Kitchen Instagram, along with other embroidery and cross stitch WIPs!



Roll on the Snarky Stitching.