I finished my first ‘subversive’ cross stitch original a week ago, after blogging my discovery of this new sweary art-form in January, and have made a few more.

Sure. Fine. Whatever.

I changed up my homage to Dana Scully and added some space-age embellishments to my embroidery. This is made with DMC cotton floss on a linen fabric. The hoop is a 6″ wooden embroidery hoop.

This was my first attempt at an original design, and so I took some guidance from Craftsy on what types of stitch to use. If you haven’t signed up for their mailing list, do it! There’s loads of great tips for all sorts of crafts straight to your inbox.

I used French Knots to make the simple boarder, back stitch to make the top and bottom lettering, and attempted some cross stitch without Aida for the middle font.

I used back stitch to make the outline of the aliens and the UFO, and satin stitch to fill them in.

It’s a bit basic but I’m pleased!

Sure. Fine. Whatever. Copyright Emma Cooper/StitchandKitchen

‘carpe the fucking diem’

I also found some catharsis for my bad mood last week by making a ‘Carpe Diem’ hoop for my friend – it’s her birthday coming up and she wanted ‘something sweary’. I was happy to oblige. After turning to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, I couldn’t come up with an original design, so I tweaked the colouring of this instagram post and basically copied it.


@mis_mierdecitas https://www.instagram.com/p/BOmifM0Aiva/


I love the contrast of the font and lettering. On my design I emphasised this further with contrasting colours. This was basic cross stitch on white aida with DMC floss.

I hope she likes it!


carpe the fucking diem. Copyright Emma Cooper/StitchandKitchen

Carpe Diem, Bitches!