This will be a TMI post. Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve always had IBS symptoms; I suffer from Anxiety and Depression so it tends to come along when I’m feeling at my worst, which is fab.  Over the last few weeks, I noticed I felt nauseous after a lot of meals, but I wasn’t actually being ill. My IBS was really bad even though I was feeling pretty good emotionally. It reached a head when I had a large panini for lunch, followed by quesadillas and beer at dinner. (I try not to have too much bread/wheat in one day because it can make me feel too full and lethargic, but I was on a leaving do and I forgot lunch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)  Anyway! After this mammoth wheat session, I felt nauseous and had awful stomach cramps, I won’t go into the rest of the evening, but it wasn’t fun.

I am definitely not pregnant, so I tried a food diary to see if there was a link to when I felt sick and what I ate. I was devastated to realise it was bread and wheat-containing foods that were making me sick – beer and bread being the worst culprits.


Sidenote: The thing about me is that I love bread. And cheese. I always joke that if I had to give one of these food groups up I would be crestfallen. Cue massive overreaction last week to this news that I should try cutting down on my wheat intake.

So I’ve been trying out a low gluten diet (I can’t just give it up cold turkey!!!), and I realised today when I went to buy lunch that I hadn’t had bread for 5 DAYS.


What an achievement. At lunch times I’m a bit forlorn if I haven’t brought in leftovers because my go to emergency lunch is a panini or baguette (see below for the saddest jacket potato I’ve ever been served). But I’ve done it, and am pleased to report NO IBS symptoms since the day I ditched gluten. I want to try weaning myself back on to see if this was a blip (that’s a thing, right? RIGHT?), but I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I try that.

So, any recommendations for a decent gluten free baguette?? Panini?



sad jacket
The Saddest Jacket Potato in the World