I’ve downgraded my gluten nightmare to an intolerance, I’m very pleased to say.I’m still not sure what exactly I have an intolerance to as there appears to be no clear logic to what good my gastric system will protest about. But safe to say it isn’t as bad as I had previously thought (or perhaps I’d just been eating WAY too much bread before).
Here’s a list of things I’ve learned since being on a low gluten diet (who was I kidding, I could never be gluten free unless absolutely necessary) for 2 weeks:

  • Gluten free crumpets by Kingsmill are ok, but not as satisfying as the real deal
  • Gluten free tagliatelle by Tesco is not noticeably different to normal tagliatelle when paired with a decent carbonara sauce
  • Gluten free corn pancakes (of unknown manufacturing origin) are terrible, even when slathered in Nutella
  • Gluten free lasagna sheets from Tesco taste exactly the same as normal egg and wheat lasagne sheets, but are a faff to prepare
  • Couscous contains gluten, but doesn’t seem to affect my digestive system
  • Ice cream cones contain something that definitely irritates my gastric system (a sad fact to learn when on holiday)
  • Gluten free pizza by Dr Oetker is very nice


  • I still can’t drink much beer without painful consequences
  • Lemonade is not an adequate substitute for beer when sunbathing, no matter how cold or refreshing.

  • Whilst Monster Munch (which contain gluten) may alleviate a hangover in the short term, the payoff is not long lasting and not worth it…
  • …the same goes for Dominos Italian base pizza
  • Dominos gluten free pizza base only comes in small, which isn’t enough when one is desperate for emergency takeaway pizza

And finally, my favourite discovery to date:

  • In major chain restaurants asking for eggs Benedict without a muffin leads to getting BACON as a substitute- a fact my husband will be exploiting from now on

Any other tips or tricks I should know about?