It’s my bestie’s birthday coming up and I didn’t know what to get her as a present. Window shopping didn’t inspire me, and there’s nothing she ‘needs’, or wants.  I’m also in the process of moving house (yay, more excuses to make things for the new place!) and don’t have a lot of money to spend getting her something nice and flashy. Instead, I decided to make an embroidery hoop with an in-joke in pretty lettering for her house.

This took 2 hours and was made with all sorts of bit and bobs in my crafting basket. It’s thoughtful, simple and, importantly for my purse, doesn’t cost the earth (especially if you’re like me and hoard craft supplies)!


I think it came out pretty well…and justifies my need to stock up on hoops and fabric scraps ‘just in case’.

To make this hoop I used:

  • 4” Wooden Embroidery Hoop
  • 5”x5” square of linen
  • A white gel pen to draw the design as I don’t yet own a water soluble fabric pen! This came off pretty easily afterwards with a soak in warm water and gentle brushing with an old toothbrush and hand soap.
  • A ribbon (which came from a bath set I received for my birthday! Hello up-cycling).
  • Pink and blue DMC threads that matched the ribbon (I don’t remember the exact colours and I’ve lost the tags, well done me)

What do you think?