Whilst I don’t like to get tooooo soppy with gifts (going somewhere together is more my bag for thoughtful gifts), but one has to step up for anniversaries.

The first wedding anniversary theme is ‘Paper’. I can’t draw for beans, so I outsourced my gift making to a wonderful Etsy artist named BonjourLauraJ, who created the beautiful calligraphy ‘our coordinates’ wall art below:anniversary1


Hubs loved it, and its pride of place on our bookshelf!

This year is ‘Cotton’, which is much more my bag. I decided to stick with the soppy ‘places’ theme, and colour scheme, so I cross stitched the outline of our meeting/kisssing/engaged/married place, Stratford-Upon-Avon (which conveniently is sort of heart shaped) and added a gold heart on the ‘married’ coordinate.



Maybe they’ll go up on the wall together?!