I’ve been pretty lax at updating my blog the last few months because I’ve moved house! But this has given me a bigger kitchen to cook up treats, and a bigger craft room/office to make my creations! So expect more posts soon!

The thing that has kick started my posting is how excited I am to get back into science communication! I know, this is a craft and cooking blog, but I’m doubly excited because I’m helping to organise an event in Oxford that combines my two loves! Science and Crafting.

Part of my job is to get the public interested in the healthcare research that we do in
Oxford, and then ask them to help design the studies we run, not just take part in them as participants. One excellent way to get people interested is with interesting engagement events.

The event I’m running is part of ‘Curiosity Carnival‘. I’m hoping to get people engaged in brain research of all shapes and sizes by getting researchers to sit down in the beautiful Oxford Botanical Gardens, and knit some neurons.

Here’s a few I made earlier.

While they’re doing this they can talk about their research, and visitors can ‘Make a Memory’ by adding their neuron to the growing ‘brain’ we’ll create by linking the knitted neurons together. They can also take one home as a memento.



The original Knit a Neuron ‘Brain’

I borrowed the idea from the Original Knit a Neuron team who had a stand an event I took part in about 5 years ago, which was actually the reason I got into knitting in the first place!


I hope to post some more images of my knit and crochet creations, and please wish me luck for the event. Fingers crossed the finished product look more realistic and less terrifying than this guy!


The stuff of nightmares